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Plans made became plans cancelled! With 2021 in the future and everyone's health a major concern I look forward making more plans and creating fun times for all. So for now I'll be posting on my blog page with pictures of what I'm finishing and working on and I invite you to take a look!  

I am very happy to invite you to explore my website. This is a long time in coming and I'm still working on this labor of love. I am learning as I go and sometimes it is more than my technology challenged brain can handle :)
I am Barbara Arnold and I am a quilter, teacher, lecturer and judge. I love what I do and the opportunity to share that with you is what it's all about. For most quilters, quilting is a hobby and it is done for enjoyment. My goal is to help that continue. My classes are stress free! There are many ways to do any technique and there is one that will help you be happy. Each quilter has their own expectations and comfort level with perfection. It is my job to help you be the best you can and want to be!
I began quilting with my mother and two of my sisters. We thought that quilting on Saturdays at Mom's would help us lose weight by keeping our hands busy. Well little did we know that quilters love to snack and eating can be done while quilting! So, we didn't lose weight but we learned that quilting was a wonderful activity for the four of us to do together. Then we learned that there were quilt shows in our area, that just sealed the deal. Our first year was one day, which lead to two days, which lead to a night in a local motel, which lead to two nights! My sisters and I have many happy memories of our "quilt show weekends".
Fabric and crafting has always been a part of my life. At the age of nine I remember asking how to cross-stitch, crochet and thread a needle. My main goal was to learn how to use the big black Singer sewing machine! It didn't take long to become a fabric junkie. I loved running my hands along the bolts of fabric in Grant's and other stores as I grew up. My mother taught me how to sew clothing and I did that for many years. I dressed myself, made my husbands denim work shirts and clothed my boys when they were very little. During the 1975 Bicentennial I became interested in quilting but never did it because it was intimidating. It may have been a good thing, because if I had started back then my boys would have been naked and hungry! I loved the very first block I made quilting and have done very little clothing since. Quilting is my passion. Even a bad day quilting is a good day!
Teaching quilt making was easy with my family and it was at my husband urging that I began teaching women who were not related to me. I have taught in many local quilt shops and adult education program here on Long Island , New York. When I found out about the Teacher Certification program through the National Quilting Association I looked into it. I can honestly say that the three years it took to complete that journey mad a huge difference. The program taught me how to be the best teacher I could be and the importance of furthering my knowledge. What started as a hobby is now my profession. Conducting a class, workshop, retreat or giving a lecture is what I do and it is never work! I was selected as NQA Certified Teacher of the Year for 2010. For this honor the Certified Teacher has to be nominated by their students.
Over the years I have met so many interesting people and made many friends. The best bonus I received while working in a local quilt shop was the friendships of the other women I worked with. To this day we are a group of fun loving, ready to travel, laughing quilters!
Please contact me if I can help you along your quilting journey!
Keep Quilting,
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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